Guide to Selling a Car in Miami

Guide to Selling a Car in Miami

Anyone who resides in Miami understands the difficulties often accompanying selling a car, as well as the challenges a vehicles in less than perfect condition presents. If you reside in the Miami-Dade area of South Eastern Florida, and decide you may want to sell your car, or perhaps wondered where you could sell your vehicle, you may have found yourself defeated and frustrated.

You may also be under the impression that you are required to pay for a pricey tow to a Miami scrap yard, if your car isn't in perfect condition, has a mechanical issue or was involved in an accident - but you'd be wrong. has a better solution! Consisting of a network of buyers across Miami, Florida, will make a quick offer online – even if your car is in less than perfect condition.

Miami's roads are filled with drivers originating from all over the country, practicing varying styles of driving. Aggressive driving on I-75, and I-95 alike, causes accidents, and lead to expensive repairs. Has your vehicle suffered physical damage in a Miami car accident? Perhaps it suffered in the heat, resulting in a seized engine? Regardless of the year and condition, makes it simple to sell your automobile online. Plus, in addition to blown head gaskets, or the inability to start, your vehicle may have experienced:

  • Blown Transmission
  • Blown Engine
  • Seized Motor
  • Seized Transmission
  • Front End Collision
  • Rear End Collision
  • Rollover
  • Side Impact

Were you shocked by the estimate received from a Miami repair shop for vehicular repairs? Maybe the cost involved in fixing your car far exceeds it's value? Regardless of whether your ride even experienced something as serious as frame damage, your choices are far from limited – can make you an offer, fast. In less than 90 seconds you, too, can receive an offer to sell your car within Miami.

Is Free?

Not only does our website make it easy to sell your vehicle online for FREE, we also arrange for a tow as needed – with no cost to you! Forget about finding nearby junk yards, or locating a scrap yard, comes to you. Just know, scheduling tows can take up to two business days to arrange, and we are unable to tow on weekends or holidays.

Is Quick?

We buy cars that most dealers throughout Miami won't consider, with most online offers made in 90 seconds. Imagine, no hassles, no haggling – what could be easier? Maybe you were one of the accidents in the busy Miami traffic of today. Our website is accessible from any mobile device, so you can receive valuable offers while sitting on the side of I-95, too.

Should I Scrap it Instead?

Whether scrapping your vehicle makes sense, it's a decision only an owner can make. You have to weigh repair costs against current value, before deciding whether you should keep your car. makes it especially easy to receive quick offers. Beware of junk yards, who pay next to nothing for scrap, and leave owners responsible for paying for tows to their lot. This isn't the case with!

Ready to Sell!

You'll never again have to wonder “How can I sell my car?” when it's in less than perfect condition. We make it convenient to receive offers on any device with internet capabilities, without stressing over finding “car buyers near me”. So if you're ready to find a buyer and sell your car, here is a simple rundown of how we work.

  • 1. Hop on over to, and complete our easy online form. Provide your car's details as accurately as you can, and we will get an instant offer in a minimum of 90 seconds. In the instance where we are unable to get an instant offer, we will get back to you shortly with details on a guaranteed offer.
  • 2. Review and accept our offer. After you've decided to accept our offer, you will provide the keys and sign the title, providing us with access to the car. We can also help you get the title released, in the case it's being held by a lien holder.
  • 3. Go get paid! partners with a national network of businesses to assist in picking up your vehicle. Remember, towing requires a 24 hour notice and takes as much as 2 days to schedule. We also do not operate on holidays or weekends, so keep that in mind when giving us a call. makes it easy to sell your car, even if it's considered “in poor conditions or even junk”! We can also help you through the process without the need to ever set foot in a Miami junk yard. It couldn't be easier to sell used cars, cars in poor conditions and junk cars throughout Miami, than with So, if you, or someone you know, is looking to get a car out of their driveway, make sure to request an offer from us first. We buy cars, regardless of age or condition, with many offers in as little as 90 seconds. Don't wait, find out more about your car's value at